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Reserve a specific seat on the airplane to try and make yourself more comfortable. Many times you can pick the specific area or seat on the plane that you want, however, sometimes this is not possible. After you book your flight, monitor your booking site for this option as soon as it is available. You will have a more pleasurable trip if you are able to make sure you are comfortable with your seating arrangements ahead of time.

Famous travel guru Rick Steves writes, Ireland drips with mystery, drawing you in for a closer look and then surprising you. Pious, earthy, witty, brooding, proud, yet unpretentious, Irish culture is an intoxicating potion to sip or slurp as the mood strikes you. That just about sums up every thought I had when I traveled there in April 2013 with the Chamber Travel Club. Those who traveled with me felt the same. The history is all-consuming, the green, green landscape is almost blinding for those of us coming from this high desert environment, and its the passionate people we found so fascinating. Ireland is not just Dublin, Waterford crystal, Blarney Castle and quaint villages. Two separate governments divide Ireland, the south governed by the Republic of Ireland, part of the European Union (EU) using the Euro. Northern Ireland is a separate entity separate government, separate currency. Still part of Great Britain, its the British Pound Sterling that is the currency. Until recently, travel to Northern Ireland was not easy and most tour operators favored tours to the south.

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