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You should always have a good photo of your child on you when you travel with him or her, just in case the two of you get separated. Losing track of a child can be very frightening. Sometimes these kinds of things happen. If you have a picture of your child on you then this can come in handy if they ever end up getting lost.

They were not initially designed with pedestrians in mind, according to Adam Weiser, safety programs manager for the Delaware Department of Transportation. Cars drive at highway speeds on these roads. Sidewalks and crosswalks are rare. The lanes are 12-feet wide -- the standard width for an interstate that carries vehicles going 65 mph. With wide lanes, drivers feel more comfortable at high speeds, adding danger for pedestrians. Pedestrians who want to cross these roads will generally need to walk out of their way to access a crosswalk. "If your nearest intersection is 1,000 feet, then a pedestrian is not going to walk 1,000 feet out of their way to cross a street," said DeWayne Carver, the complete streets program manager at the Florida Department of Transportation. To make roads safer, they need to be designed with ample areas for pedestrians to cross.


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