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When you desire to go overseas, invite friends to help you save some money creatively. Take advantage of the discounts many destinations offer to larger groups. If you are able to attain a group rate, you will pay less for every part of your trip. Find out who wants to come with you by networking with friends.

27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --Every foodie knows a thing or two about sharing their favorite food and drink experiences with the social world, but there's something even more special about sitting with a group of individuals and sharing food, together. In celebration of all things delicious, delectable, mouth-watering and sippable, Tequila Don Julio has partnered with The Infatuation , the ultimate digital guide to all things food and drink, on a nationwide private dinner series. Attendees will feast on family-style dinners and will be treated to an ode to the brands' expertise in two areas: agave and #eeeeeats. Guests will enjoy Mexico's original luxury craft tequila alongside custom curated menus from a collection of top chefs and bartenders in the U.S. While guests will delightfully satiate, they will also be giving back to the community beyond the one created at the dinner table, as their attendance will benefit #HashtagLunchbag , a nonprofit organization that provides meals directly to those in need. The series will feature six private dinners kicking off in New York City with additional stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin and Chicago. Agave and EEEEEATS will bring together chefs and bartenders from city to city, hosting dinners at hotspots that not even The Infatuation has gotten the chance to write about yet, opening the doors to the places that trendsetters don't even know they should be dreaming of. Chefs in each city will also share the food from the table with those less fortunate that will be distributed with the help of #HashtagLunchbag the following day in each city.


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